How To Post a Listing

Listing in is a simple process. Register an account, and start posting your listing.

The guide below may help you to have a better idea on how to go about registering and listing.

Register an Account

Register a FREE account by clicking on the Register link on the top right side of the website, or click the human icon when on mobile and it will open up a page with registration.

On Computer:

On Mobile Devices:

Login Your Account

Password will be send to your registered email address and you can log into your account from there. You can login your account with the link that is beside the register.

On Computer:

On Mobile Devices:

Post a Listing

Once login, click the “Submit Listing” link or the “Post New Listing” blue button.

On Computer:

On Mobile Devices:

Fill Up Your Listing Details

On submit listing page. You are require to fill up your listing details.

Choose whether you are a HIRER looking for relief or a RELIEF looking for hirer.

Once you have select your choice, more options will appear. Here you are require to choose either a Taxi or a PHV. Then select the company from, Comfort / CityCab, Premier, Prime, SMRT, Trans-Cab and Yellow-Top.

Key in your listing details. Surveys shows that a more detailed listing will generate better result, so we recommend you provide a more detailed listing.

Select Long Term or Short Term Job for you listing.

In the Additional section, fill in your contact number and also select your vehicle type. Kindly note that vehicle types are automatically linked to the company that you had chosen. If your vehicle is not in the list, let us know and we will add your model in as soon as possible. For Relief listing, you are allow to choose multiple choices via the tick boxes.

Select your location for your listing. First choose the Area and the location list will appear automatically.

If you have a message to us, you can use the message to reviewer box. Note that message in this section will NOT be posted on your listing.

OPTIONAL*: You can choose if you wish to Featured your listing. A small token is donated to us when you choose to featured your listing.

You can see your currently listing time frame here. Do not worry, listing are always FREE, and you can renew your listing for FREE again after the listing has expired.

Read the Terms & Conditions, tick the box, and press the “SUBMIT LISTING” button and your listing will be live.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us, leave your contact number if possible to contact you, if you have any questions or face any issues. We are always here to help.

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